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    ​What is your money personality? Do you know how it will effect our future financial pathway?
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    ​​Where can we get a simple and easy to understand financial advice? It seem on internet if flooded with too much information that you do not know where to start
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    ​Without a basic financial literacy, we depend on hearsay and gut feeling in making financial decisions ​

Hi, I'm Marcus. I'm a Wealth Hacker that are learning to help myself achieve financial independence* using simple and effective method.

​MoneySenz : ​
Making Money Sense ​

​The problem with most financial advice is we listen to someone that are using their personal experience, either it is ​a good one or bad ones. ​Choose the wrong way and you are done for the many years ahead of you before realizing anything that is not right. This is what happened to us.

But don't get me wrong, we are here not to try to advice you to follow or not to follow our footsteps. What we found out that over the course of financial and wealth creation, we did not allow us to learn the basic foundation of financial knowledge or wealth creation. Which it is just not HOW to make money / wealth, it include also how you manage, spend and invest in the money you make.

By delivering money sense to you, we hope that we are able to create a fundamental basic of financial knowledge that serve as a pillar of your future wealth creation journey.

As Wally Jay said: "The biggest mistake if for an instructor to teach exactly the way he was taught. " ​We deliver the basics, you make the individualization of our instruction.

​You are taught how to make a living from school, but not taught financial literacy to manage the money.

Many of what we are doing does not make sense, do you know what makes up the value of money? Driven by what believe? MoneySenz Masterclass will makesense to you.

​What you will learn in MoneySenz Masterclass

  • ​Origin of Money
  • ​​The Money Problem
  • ​Financial Goals
  • ​​How to increase income
  • How to manage and invest
  • ​How to achieve your life goal
  • ​Introduction to financial tools
  • ​Tips & place to get financial info
  • Worksheet​s & Guides

​MoneySenz MasterClass





​Sibu Plux Incubation Centre

​​Sibu Plux Incubation Centre



​10 August (Sat)

​7 Sept (Sat)

​19 Oct (Sat)






​RM 100

​RM 100

​RM 20 (Per Event)

Here's our offer to ​you.

​We really mean what we say about educating and transferring our knowledge to public regarding money management and money sense. Hence we only collect one time joining fee of RM100 into our MoneySenz Masterclass and you are free to join our future monthly session of money workshops.


For every new friend that you refer to MoneySenz Masterclass, we will rebate RM50 to you (Max 2 person). Meaning your joining fee will be free. We really mean what we say about teaching our friends money sense.

​Marcus How

​Wealth Hacker

​Cash Flow is King

​For the past 10 years ,we are looking for ways to increase our income. But we did not pay much attention to money management. I've joined financial sales career, start/co-found several businesses. Making money, but could not keep enough of it to make money work for money. Hence i've lost my first opportunity to be financial independent when i was age 32.

​Until recently we've found enough knowledge and know how to achieve what all of us wish for - Financial Independent. ​While still learning, it is my personal mission to coach, educate and inspire more of youngsters like me to achieve our goal with well informed ways/knowledge.

Hence the creation of Moneysenz Masterclass.

​Max Ngu

​Wealth Hacker 

Turn Knowledge into Action

I started off my early days of my career in auditing profession for three years. When the money and time can't satisfy my desire, i switch to financial sales career. Everything went well for the first few years, until I realised that I can't save enough money for anything regardless how much money I made!

Hence, I've embark on a mission to find  better ways to equip us with knowledge and action in managing and growing our money. Join our journey together to achieve financial independence in this highly competitive environment with right knowledge and action.

​Simon Hii

​Wealth Hacker 

Start with Millionaire Mind

​​For the past years, I am look for numerous ways to increase my wealth/income. And i end up in a financial sales career and it do helps to put money into my pocket. ​But my money didn’t stay in my pocket!

​I only know the true meaning of “financial management” is until recently. I wonder why I didn’t learn about this during my education life. If I know it earlier, maybe i will not be who I am today.
Hence, I am willing to share all this financial info to our young friend. You deserve a better path than I am. Let us learn and grow together.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't ​like our workshop during the session, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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