​​Career Aptitude Test

What this test will reveal about you?


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    ​Know your ability or aptitude in career ​
  • 了解自己的优点及事业能力导向
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    Overview path of your career advancement​​​
  • 更加清楚​事业前进的方向
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    Discover which part of ability need to be improved
  • 了解自己必须要加强的能力范围

Which Aptitude will be revealed?​


5 Key Areas That Affect Your Career 


  • ​Entrepreneurial Spirit 企业精神
  • Drive For Achievement 追求卓越
  • Values & Integrity 价值与诚信
  • Customer Service Orientation 客户服务
  • Emotional Intelligence 情绪智商
  • 14 Questions Test (1 Minutes)

    ​1分钟问卷 (14题目)

    Assessment Instruction  测试方法

    ​The questions below may or may not apply to you. Read each one and then use the rating scale to indicate you agree or disagree to the statement


    ​Strongly Disagree  非常不同意

    ​Disagree a little  不同意

    ​Neutral 中立

    ​Agree a little 同意

    ​Strongly agree 非常同意

    ​Do not spend too much time thinking the answer. Answer as you see yourself now.


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